Jonathan Swift

Students at Leeds Beckett team up with Fuel for School to cut out food waste in Leeds

Education students at Leeds Beckett are helping to fuel primary schools in Leeds as they join forces with the Real Junk Food Project to promote the benefits of recycling wasted food. Fuel for School began as a partnership between the Real Junk Food Project and Richmond Hill Primary School in …

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3 out of 5 parents say cyberbullying is now harder for them to deal with than face to face bullying

A new study for Anti-Bullying Week by not-for-profit organisation Internet Matters,  has found that parents were significantly more likely to be concerned about children aged 13 and under compared to those 14 and above. With smartphone use amongst children now increasingly common, cyberbullying ranks alongside online grooming and sexting in the …

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A hidden industry

It is no exaggeration to say that modern life would not be possible without air conditioning and refrigeration. The technology is often hidden, tucked away behind the scenes or on roof-tops. In fact, it is often at its best when it is invisible, just getting on with the job. But …

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