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  • How shade sails and access to the great outdoors can help children achieve at school

    By Education Today on January 11, 2018
    The speed at which technology is developing is having a profound impact on our children and it is interesting to compare their childhood experiences with those of the previous generation. “10% of children play in the natural environment compared to 40% of adults when they were young” England Marketing (2009) Report to the Natural England on childhood and nature: a […]
  • Call to Enter -The Education Resources Awards 2018

    By Education Today on December 15, 2017
    We are delighted to announce that entries are now being accepted to enter The Education Resources Awards 2018 (ERA) for the following 2 important categories. 1. Leadership in Education – This award will be presented to a member of the teaching profession or an educational professional working in a setting, school or college, nominated by his or her peers or […]
  • Youthscape mental health training

    By Education Today on December 15, 2017
    YOUNG PEOPLE AND SELF-ESTEEM 3-hour course A brand new course from Youthscape covering the six pillars of self-esteem and highlights how this relates to young people. We ensure that each delegate is given the knowledge to recognise the importance of understanding ‘self,’ including developing the skills and theory of understanding the emotional, evaluative and cognitive components of self-esteem. The training […]
  • HiB featured on BBC Midlands Today program

    By Education Today on December 14, 2017
    The BBC visited our new home, Inspire House yesterday as part of a piece on the Business Park and it was shown on BBC Midlands Today last night. Check it out from 13min 05 sec – (available to view until 7pm on 14th December). They took a shot of the outside of our previous unit, this is the new one! […]

    By Education Today on November 27, 2017
    Fifty boys from St Albans School had the trip of a lifetime to South America over the summer, playing rugby, learning new skills and helping other young people to build and create safer environments in which to develop and grow. In a packed programme, the tour party, led by St Albans School’s Director of Sport, Martin Langston, played five games […]
  • Why educators should embrace virtual reality technologies in the classroom

    By Education Today on November 16, 2017
    VR in education is new, as it is to pretty much the whole world outside of gaming and certain industries like aviation and the military which has used VR for decades. It is only recently that the technology has become affordable enough for education. A central reason why education can benefit from VR use, is that it is experiential in […]
  • Kaz typing tutor

    By Education Today on November 16, 2017
    Standard and SEN / dyslexia Editions There is a reason why so many of the top performing independent and state schools have chosen KAZ…. Request a free trial and find out why.
  • Look to the future to inspire your students today!

    By Education Today on November 16, 2017
    The Bright Ideas Challenge, Shell’s national schools’ competition, now in its third year opened for entries last month. With the 2018 Year of Engineering coming up, Shell is calling on schools across Great Britain to take up this pressing challenge to help inspire the UK’s future generation of scientists and engineers. The Bright Ideas Challenge invites young people aged 11-14 […]
  • Accounts Payable Automation: The solution finance departments can’t afford to ignore

    By Education Today on November 15, 2017
    For many education institutions, the accounts payable and finance departments face increasing workloads, along with pressures to get invoices processed quickly and efficiently. Although many areas of schools, colleges and universities are investing in digital processes to help increase efficiencies, many finance teams are still relying on traditional paper methods. This approach is no longer time or cost effective and […]
  • Delta Security helps Woodbridge High School achieve ‘lockdown’

    By Education Today on November 8, 2017
    Delta Security helps Woodbridge High School achieve ‘lockdown’ Delta Security, the CCTV and access control specialist, has helped Essex-based Woodbridge High School to further enhance the safety of its pupils and staff, with the installation of new swing gates that automatically close and restrict access in the event of a lockdown situation. Lockdown, according to the National Counter Terror Security […]